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This cookie policy is part of our Privacy Statement. It contains more information about us and how we protect information provided by users.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files with information on them. They are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Your web browser then sends these cookies back to this website with every subsequent visit, so that it recognizes your device and knows what user preferences you have, for example.
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What types of cookies do we use and why?

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are crucial for basic website functions. They are placed automatically so that the website works in the intended way.
These cookies do not store personally identifiable data.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used to see how visitors use the website, e.g. analytical cookies. These cookies help provide information on statistics of number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. They cannot be used to directly identify a particular visitor.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to identify visitors on different websites, e.g. websites that are content partners, or part of banner networks. These cookies can be used by companies to create a profile of the visitor's interests or to display relevant ads on other websites.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to remember visitor information on the website, e.g. language, time zone and enhanced content.

First and third party cookies

Obelisk uses first party cookies or direct cookies that serve to improve your user experience on That is, they only collect information on our website itself. They control the technical part of the website and remember certain things about the visitor, such as language choice, page visited and time spent on the website.  

In addition, there are third-party vendors with different domain names that set cookies through Obelisk's website. Examples include Google and Facebook. They track users' browsing behavior and create a user profile based on that data.

Set your own preferences and see the detailed overview of which cookies we use:

What if you don't agree?

You can use the "cookie settings" tab at the bottom of each page, adjust your preferences and turn cookies on or off.

Blocking cookies

You can through the settings of the Internet browser, avoid that cookies are (automatically) accepted on your device. However, as indicated, this may affect communication with the website. Most web browsers allow you to indicate your preference in the "settings". Here is a link to the information pages of the main web browsers:


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Safari (mobile)

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Social media buttons

We use "social media buttons" so that our users can share web pages or bookmark them. These are buttons for third-party social media websites and those websites may store information about your activities on the Internet, including your activities on this website. Please read the relevant terms of use and privacy policies of those sites carefully so that you know exactly how they use your data.

External internet services

Sometimes on this website we use external Internet services to enable us to display content within this website, such as images or videos. As with social media buttons, we cannot prevent those sites, or external domains from collecting information about your use of this "embedded" content.


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