Join our learning group for HR professionals and make additional impact in your organization. Learn from experience and exchange findings with the participants of your learning group. The intervisions are supervised by a senior from Obelisk.

  • Long-term learning group (1 year)
  • 4 meetings per year
  • 10 - 12 participants
  • Senior peer counselor at Obelisk
  • Group of internal HR professionals

Would you like more information about the participants of the start-up learning groups? In an intake interview your supervisor will give you insight into the current composition of the group. Here we always take into account the privacy of these participants.

The learning groups in brief:

Finally an HR network to spar with  

Do you recognize this?

  • Soon you find yourself working on your own island.
  • In the day-to-day hustle and bustle, you still don't get much exposure to a fresh perspective on HR for your organization.
  • You lack a neutral sparring partner.
  • You have little time to exchange in depth with other HR professionals.
  • You regularly keep chewing alone on big issues for which you are responsible.
  • Your priority is the development of employees and teams but less on your own development.

In the learning group:

  • Gain new insights together with other HR professionals.
  • Find a sounding board for your organization's challenges.
  • In addition to the intervisions, you can always contact an HR expert from Obelisk.
  • Experience for yourself what strong peer review is like.

Choose your learning group

Learning group L&D

During the first session, you and your learning group determine the themes that will be covered. Some examples of themes:

Dates learning group L&D

Start-up 2023 group 1: June 2023
Dates of meetings:
- Thursday afternoon 08/06
- Thursday afternoon 14/09
- Thursday afternoon 30/11

Start-up 2023 group 2: fall 2023
Dates of meetings: to be determined

I would like an intake

Learning group HR policymakers

During the first session, you and your learning group determine the themes that will be covered. Some examples of themes:

Dates learning group HR

Practical information

  • Cost: 950 euros including VAT.
  • Minimum 10 and maximum 12 participants per learning group.
  • Dates: depending on the learning group, see above.
  • Live gathering in Leuven. Address: Brightspace, Interleuvenlaan 74, 3001 Leuven.
  • Snacks, coffee, tea, soft drinks are included.
  • Each participant signs a confidentiality contract to ensure safety and trust in the group.

Want to know more?

Interested and/or a few more questions? Fill out the form and your peer mentor will contact you. So you don't have to be sure about your participation yet. We would like to hear your needs and questions. Then we will check with you whether there is a match with the learning group.

You can also register on the waiting list below.

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