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You think employees' development is important but you don't know where to start? Or you could use some extra framework and tips? Obelisk is here for you! We didn't just develop a template of a personal development plan (POP), no, we also give tips on policy level. And as icing on the cake, we support you in conducting a development interview using a handy interview guide.

Download the template and checklist here
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Development as a shared

The development plan says something about where an employee is at now and where this person wants to grow towards. At Obelisk, we consider employee development as a shared responsibility between employee and employer. A PDP is therefore drawn up in tandem.

  • On the one hand, as an organization, you determine the learning needs necessary to achieve the organizational goals. Based on this, you establish a strategic learning policy.
  • On the other hand, the employee reflects on his or her competencies and professional goals.
  • In an individual development plan (PDP), both factors come together: in which direction is the employee heading within the organization, which resources are needed to do so, and how will this be implemented?

A development plan, that pays off!

Investing time and money in the development of your employees is a smart move. On average, an organization spends about 5 hours per employee on creating and guiding in the personal development plan. Does this seem like a risky use of time and resources to you? Then be sure to read all the benefits for your organization, we list them for you:

  • It's postiive for your employees and for the future of your organization: as you use training and knowledge in a more targeted way, your organization achieves a higher return. You utilize the maximum potential.
  • Employees who want to develop themselves and are given the necessary tools , space and facilities to do so, are happier.
  • To maintain employee discipline and motivation, it is important that employees have the opportunity to develop their talents, sharpen their skills and realize their ambitions.
  • You have a competitive advantage in the war for talent when you have a strong commitment to development. Through development opportunities within the organization, a person may also stay longer in your organization.
  • You train people internally which eliminates the need to recruit these profiles in a tight labor market.
  • You comply with the regulations of the new labor deal which states that a personal training plan is recommended for every employee in an organization of at least 20 people.
  • Less absenteeism and greater motivation because your employees are working in a place in the organization where they do best.
  • A personal development plan (PDP) forces you to identify your organization's future needs. Working with PDPs is therefore a good tool for optimizing your organization's career and training policy.


We created a free template of a PDP for you, including interview guide and roadmap for HR. You can use this freely and do not need to be a client of Obelisk.

There are 2 documents that can be downloaded: the full document including the PDP (the personal development plan) on the one hand, and the PDP also separately in landscape mode on the other hand.

The download includes:

  • A concise roadmap for HR and management: from vision of learning to an individual PDP.
  • Checklist for the PDP interview with an employee.
  • PDP template for establishing and follow up an employee's personal development goals.

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  • customized training in soft skills.