Obelisk is committed to you and your organization. Connecting and strengthening people and businesses, that is what we're all about.

We believe that strong people make strong organizations. That a person-centered approach is necessary. That development processes of people, teams and organizations are connected (context-oriented). Therefore, we strengthen and connect people and organizations from within to make conscious and sustainable professional choices.

What can you expect from our guidance?


What characterizes our counseling? It is process-oriented. Working together with Obelisk means working step by step towards the goal. We have an eye for your individual process, the process of your team and the process of your organization.


We look critically at the context in which steps are taken, we dare to name blind spots, take a close look at the surroundings, and only then do we start to explore in which areas progress is possible. That's when we map out the path for you and your organization.


Our guidance is substantiated. We work with professionals who have a connection to knowledge institutions such as KU Leuven, Antwerp Management School and VUB. We apply substantiated principles such as HILL's model, de Galan's diagnosis and design model and Seligman's positive psychology. Each step in process-oriented learning is seriously considered. Only then do we implement it.


We start from a positive view of people. People naturally want to develop and grow and that can be done with the right tools. That is precisely what we like to provide.

"Working with Obelisk means working step by step toward your goal."

Our values

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Committed & sustainable

Strengthening you and your organization from within to make conscious and sustainable professional choices, that is what we're all about. We create growth opportunities, so that you and your company can realize ambitions in the short and long term. With full enthusiasm, we develop your talents and those of your employees. And we set up the right structures and processes for your company so that your employees can fully thrive.

Pragmatic & considerate

We empathize, we think along with you. We ask you questions, we challenge you, we take you out of your comfort zone. With the knowledge we gain, we work out a customized path for you or your organization. Confronting? Sometimes. Instructive? Absolutely. Let us think with you. Because what we create together becomes incredibly powerful. That's a promise.

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Experienced & qualitative

Obelisk compiles over 20 years of experience. And in order to propagate our own values, we also create innovation in approach, methods and tools within our own walls. Because of the importance we attach to depth and scientific foundation, you can count on excellent professional execution of your project time and time again. And quality is key, right?

Authentic & reliable

Integrity and honesty, that's what we value. You attaining the best outcome for you and your business, that's our goal. We encourage you and your organization to be your own complexless self and to show your own color. Because in your authenticity lies your strength. And the same goes for your business.

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Our team

Our team is what makes Obelisk strong. In every Obelisk employee you will find commitment, entrepreneurship, authenticity and flexibility. And together we carry out our mission every day: to strengthen talents and organizations.

Confrontational? Sometimes. Instructive? Absolutely.

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