Team Coaching

Your organization is unique; so is your team. Our team coaches are happy to put together a puzzle tailored to the needs and questions of your team. Within a safe environment, we work with your team on connection and synergy and unfold their potential. We don't avoid the difficult issues, but let your team engage in dialogue and draw up a concrete action plan.

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This is how we proceed

From their expertise and experience, our coaches look at what steps are needed to create an effective and cohesive team.

There is no "one size fits all" approach. The steps a team will take cannot be poured into a rigid plan. Starting the process together in team brings insights about follow-up actions. Each member of the team is part of the system and helps design the next step.

The team coach clarifies ambiguous situations and exhorts the team to clarify roles. We give a place to the past, then successfully put a stop to it and tackle the present.

There is an eye for what is not working, but once again for what is. The team learns to appreciate the latter again and look at the situation from a different, positive angle. In this way, team members work together toward solutions.

We use models that have earned their stripes so that the team gets to work in an informed way. Obelisk uses Fry, Plovnick & Rubin's team effectiveness model and Lencioni's pyramid, among others.