Outplacement counseling

Should you let an employee go? And do you want leaving employees to be treated the best way possible? Obelisk is a CERTO - certified outplacement agency. Our outplacement consultants help your employee find a new job that will make him or her really happy.

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This is how we proceed

How do we do that? We take a positive, appreciative and professional approach. This ensures that your employee regains confidence in his or her abilities. We give them just that little extra push to redirect their professional life.

We go for a maximum tailor-made approach. We look for a new function that is tailor-made for your employees and throughout the process we take into account their capabilities and situation.

First, we gain insight into the personal skills and capabilities of your employee, then we look for an appropriate profile with which he or she can present themselves as a candidate employee. We report to you as a client on the entire counseling process, so that you too can assess the quality and effectiveness of our outplacement assistance.