We present some of our projects for clients to you in the form of a case. We work with talents and organizations on a daily basis. Obelisk guides and supports from start to finish, whether it's about leadership development, employee training, or creating a motivational work climate... Get inspired!

Latest cases

Training: dealing with change and increasing resilience. Obelisk trained Sports Direct's management team. Read our case

Lechler wanted to strengthen her team pre-emptively. Obelisk developed customized team coaching for greater balance and connection. Discover our approach.

AE wants to upskill senior developers and analysts to become solution architects. AE decided to include a module on soft skills in the learning program. Obelisk was asked to develop this module.

Collaboration and leadership: for these topics, Solid Talent turned to Obelisk for advice. This consulting organization of engineering and administrative experts decided to focus on mutual cooperation and growth in the management team, as well as on a profound vision of leadership and the development of leadership skills.

TVH wanted to optimize their technical department of 30 business analysts. An assessment by AE revealed a need to strengthen social skills. Obelisk was called upon to develop this journey.

How can Ausy strengthen its IT support staff in efficient communication with customers - and thus also increase customer satisfaction? Obelisk provides a customized training program.

The balance between advising and guiding is an important skill for educational support staff at the Brussels Education Center. Our trainers developed a customized program for their 12 teams of support staff. Read more in this case how we responded to this demand.

UHasselt wants to equip their employees with the tools to take charge of their competencies and careers themselves. They found in Obelisk the partner to take up this challenge.

The onboarding at Obelisk was optimized based on the onboarding roadmap. Read in this case which actions we take at each stage of onboarding.

Police Zone Antwerp values integrity highly. New employees in the force therefore receive training in giving feedback, so that they feel confident about calling colleagues to account for behavior that lacks integrity.

You will always find 3 phases in our approach: thinking, daring and doing. Thinking about possibilities: a preliminary process with impact. Daring to change: the intervention itself. And especially doing it: the follow-up and embedding in practice. By means of this case, we will guide you through the 3 phases.

Arag wants to strengthen the human capital of the organization by developing an HR strategy in alignment with the organizational objectives. On the basis of intake interviews and 3 workshops, Obelisk developed a specific HR policy in 4 HR domains.

Today's customer has changed. As a result, responding to customers' needs is not an easy task. LIDL took their customer focus to an even higher level by truly embedding customer focus in this department of the organization.

"A training on feedback often remains too abstract." Obelisk presents a concrete case of Belfius Bank in which the transfer of learning to practice was carried out through gamification.