Customized trainings

Do you want employees or teams to grow and develop? The years of experience of our trainers enable them to clearly define the learning objectives together with you and draw up a customized learning program. We take into account your organizational context and incorporate concrete and realistic situations in the program.

We can strengthen your organization around the following themes:

Our strong expertise on learning and coaching means that we can also provide you or your colleagues with the tools to anchor learning in your organization in a sustainable way via a train-the-trainer or train-the-coach.
You can readmore about our vision on learning in the interview that our trainer Laura Krause gave to ZigZagHR.

customized learning path.

What can you expect from us? Taking a training course at Obelisk means:

Learning by doing

In the training there is a balance between theoretical frameworks and practical exercises. The trainer takes the group through a variety of learning methods and during the training the participants experiment with the new behavior.

Sustainable skills development

Training skills only works when the participant also knows what is going on with him/her. We therefore also look at inner beliefs, values, dilemmas and attitudes. We translate these 'insights' into alternative 'out-sights'.

Practicing in a mini-reality

During the intake we get a clear picture of the learning needs. The (work) situation is simulated during the training using realistic cases. The participant goes home with a targeted action plan and can immediately apply the skills learned in the (work) environment.

Getting hybrid lessons

Obelisk believes in the power of hybrid solutions; the combination of offline and online. Our hybrid trainings are not a "copy-paste" of classroom training. They are adapted to the new reality and our coaches retrained. The result is a full hybrid package with the best of both worlds, online and offline.

Stretching to learn

You don't learn in a comfort zone. That's why during a training course we will stretch that comfort zone. The participant is challenged without ending up in the stress zone.

Practice in a safe environment

The trainer creates a safe learning environment. This makes it easier to be vulnerable during practice and creates a connection with the other participants in the learning group.

Becoming stronger as a person

The participants' awareness, competence and self-confidence are boosted, making him/her more empowered.

This is how participants experience our courses

"A training packed with valuable insights and practical tips that are sure to add value in the workplace."
"Goele delivered the training extremely to the point, with a listening ear for personal examples, and at the same time maintained the thread perfectly."
"There was a perfect balance between theoretical content and interactive engagement."
"I was hugely impressed with the facilitator - clear wording, cool examples and clarity."
"The trainer had a deep mastery of the subject matter that she presented in an outstanding manner."
"Our trainer managed to convey the information in a fun and understandable way."
"Very informative!"